• A Sunny Afternoon

    Los Angeles, CA

    A Sunny Afternoon was born out of Sarah's desire to create a line that marries her style with her love of the outdoors, gathering for a meal, and the handmade.

  • Almanac Industries

    Baltimore, MD

    Almanac Industries is a husband and wife company based in Baltimore, Maryland. We create hand-crafted goods in paper, leather and cloth. No matter what we’re manufacturing, it’s usually the old-fashioned way.

  • Astor + Banks

    Chicago, IL

    Watches are my passion and the US was once one of the best watch makers in the world. By making time instruments to the standards we had then, we can once again compete in the world of horology.

  • Dear Ida

    Portland, OR

    A collective of friends in Portland, Oregon, who share a love of art, kids, creativity. We believe that there’s something to be said for finding a surprising smile in the mailbox — not your e-mail inbox.

  • Eternal Youth Co.

    Chicago, IL

    Eternal Youth - It’s not about denying the future. It’s not about a young-forever mindset. It’s about embracing the passion, curiosity and energy of our younger years while living in the present.

  • Found My Animal

    Brooklyn, NY

    We make accessories for adopted animals and their people. By encouraging rescue over purchase, we support animal welfare by asking pets and their owners to help deliver our simple, important message.

  • Hope Spinnery

    Hope, ME

    We create yarns and knitted pieces from Maine wool. All our products are dyed with natural dyes and our processing is done with soaps and dyes that meet organic standards.

  • Lanona Shoe Co.

    Saint Paul, MN

    Discovery, quality, and authenticity drive everything we do at Lanona. Lanona is more than a lifestyle brand, Lanona is our life. Top-quality, hand-crafted, American-made dry goods are our passion.

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